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Diana Haberstick

(703) 622-9344


Pacific Park. Indie Feature (Drama)                                                                 Independent Distro             David Gott, Writer/Director

Costume Designer: Family questions relationships, finances, and the future in the wake of dad's death from prescription drug abuse.  Contemporary LA style, narrow surrealistic palette.

Navy SEALs: Brothers in Arms, Mini Series (Action/Drama)                        NBC/History Channel         Paul Epstein, Director

Costume Designer: military, civilian, insurgent, and combatant costumes; uniforms, cultural clothing, and tactical gear for battle, patrol, rescue, arrest, surveillance, air lift, and ambush scenes; high action and stunts; managed staff of five. Shot at remote locations (interiors / exteriors)  Setting: Vietnam, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, 1972 - 2011

Homeland: Standoff: Episode 703, Contemporary Series (Drama)             FOX/Showtime                    Stephen Randolph, CD

Costumer: Pulled/prepped for location shoot, modified/aged/distressed riot gear, prepped costumes for designer interview.

Setting: undisclosed



TURN: Washington’s Spies: Season 3, Period Series (Action/Drama)        AMC                                      Lahly Poore-Ericson,CD

Costumer / Set Costumer / Truck / Stitcher: Pulled/prepped/maintained wardrobe; costumed BG for tavern, courtroom, horseback, shipboard, gallows, battle and ball scenes; BG truck: 70+ BG in extreme weather; altered/repaired gowns, corsets, shifts, frock coats, waistcoats, breeches, and headpieces. Setting: American colonies, Revolutionary War.


The Pirate Captain Toledano, Short Film (Period Drama)                           OxRock Productions           Arnon Shorr,Director           

Costume Designer: period accurate/enhanced wardrobe for Captain, Quartermaster, Stowaway and Crew; body shaping; managed staff of four and micro-budget.  Setting: Spanish galleon, 16th Century, Caribbean.

Best Costume Nominee - ActionOn Film Festival; Special Selection - Corto Corrente Festival (Italy), Near Nazareth Festival (Israel), San Rafael Film Festival (Spain), AFC Global Film Festival (India), DAE Studio Film Festival (United Kingdom), Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival (Canada), Tetova International Film Festival ODA (Macedonia), Caribbean International Film Festival (Bahamas), Nida Short Film Festival (Lithuania)

The Sultan and the Saint, Feature (Period Docu-Drama)                        Unity Productions                   Julie Bent, CD

Fitter / Costumer: battle and market scenes; character through costume and style-tribing; costumed stuntmen to safety regulations; altered and repaired tunics, slops, coifs, bracers, cloaks, and robes. Setting: Egypt, 13th Century Crusades


Heed the Call, Short Film (Period Drama)                                                Dual Mind Productions            Laura Chirinos, Director

Costume Designer: family drama; character centered style/color palette; worked with PD to achieve tightly unified aesthetic, managed staff of three and micro-budget. Setting: affluent home, Los Angeles, 1942

Do No Harm, Short Film (Action/Drama)                                                  ReKon Productions                  Marielle Woods,Director

Assistant Costume Designer:  script breakdown, research composites, and sketches; outlined preliminary budget; graphic designed ID plates; distressed wardrobe; managed continuity (duplicated stain and splatter patterns for multiples); prepped wardrobe for combat FX; fit and altered; patterned and fabricated armor. Setting: Iraq, 2008


All Earthly Constraints, Feature (Sci-fi/Action)                                         GoldHat Pictures                     Ryan Moore, Director

Fitter / Set Costumer: fit / altered armor for heroine and villain for fight sequences. Setting: spaceship, future.


The Jungle, Corporate (Period, Fantasy/Adventure)                                 Hilarion Banks, Producer/Director

Costume Designer: early 20th century explorer; fused historical and contemporary elements; design plan included requirements for remote Mexican rainforest location.  Setting: South American jungle,1900


Gwen’s World of Weird, Series Pilot (Contemporary Investigative)          Fresh Films                            Estlin Feigly, Director

Costume Designer: teen and adult costumes for contemporary mystery sit-com; wardrobe stereotyped high school cliques, “Vote Geek” T-shirts and accessories, super-hero cape for gerbil. Setting: contemporary high school, LA


Tower of Silence, Feature inserts (Fantasy Drama)                                   Winterstone Pictures            Esther Han, CD

Costumer / Set Costumer / Fabricator: Dutch Soldiers, Slave Girls, Zombies for action sequences and battle scenes.


Martha Graham Dance Company at the Library of Congress  (Dance Performance)                              Barbara Delo, CS

Wardrobe Manager: Established location shop; assisted with last minute redesign; dressed dancers, quick changes.


Beatrice and Benedict (Opera)                                                                       USC Theatre                     Jacqueline St. Anne,CD           

Fitter / Stitcher: Fit, altered, and tailored men’s and women’s costumes for adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.


PACIFIKIDS - Happy Mother’s Day, (Commercial)                                        Chrysler                                JOJX Media           

Lead Stylist: wardrobed pre-teen brand ambassadors for a salute to moms.


In the Air, (Commercial)                                                                                   Toyota                                Mutually Assured Destruction

Stylist Asst. / Wardrobe / Shopper: contemporary Hindu wardrobe for Holi Festival rave, wardrobed celebrants; 100+BG.


Versus, (Commercial)                                                                                      Toyota                                Mutually Assured Destruction

Stylist Asst. / Wardrobe / Shopper: contemporary athletic wardrobe for competitive vignettes, wardrobed actors.


Laundry, Shave, Kernel  (Commercial Series)                                              Atlantic Broadband          JOJX Media           

Stylist Asst. / Wardrobe / Shopper: contemporary casual and business wardrobe, wardrobed actors.


The Pirate Captain Toledano, Short Film (Period Drama)                           OxRock Productions         Arnon Shorr, Director

Production Designer: 1550’s Spanish galleon pirate ship - captain’s quarters, crew quarters, brig, gangways, galley and decks; realized director’s vision for scope and aesthetic; shot aboard relic tall ships - sensitive to location restrictions and concerns; hired/supervised crew of four. Setting: Spanish Galleon, 16th Century, Caribbean.


Hit List, Series Pilot (Contemporary Musical/Drama)                                  OxRock Productions        R. Moline, Director

Production Designer: created time-constrained dress/decorating plans for a cappella group-house setting - final performance, graduation party, “trashed” yard, recording studio, and bedroom scenes; hired and managed crew of three.

Setting: Contemporary Craftsman-style home (interiors / exteriors).


Herotica, Series Pilot (Sit-com)                                                                       Herotica Productions       Frida Olivia, PD

Set Decorator: 1977 porn shop, erotic dancers’ dressing room, peep show lounge, office, nightclub, and affluent home. Setting: Los Angeles warehouse district and the Frank Lloyd Wright Samuel Navarro House.


Peter Pan, Music Video (Fantasy)                                                                    On the Mark Media           Frida Olivia, PD

Set Decorator: Dressed/decorated time travel piece loosely tracing the history of technology; sets included shipwrecked raft, Baroque banquet hall, pirate’s den; set pieces included shattered banquet, Queen of Technology dressing table and throne.  Setting: Past, present, and future fantasy locations.


FonCo Design Studio (Fantasy, Sci-fi)                                                                                                         Fon Davis, Designer

Fabricator: hand laid fiberglass molding and surfacing for robots, scale model sky-scraper surfacing, green screen prep.


Biloxi Blues, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Christmas Carol, Dreams, A Few Good Men, Guilty Conscience, Gypsy, Little Shop of Horrors, The Mousetrap, Pride and Prejudice, Rumors, A Thousand Clowns, Twelve Angry Men

Artistic Director/Production Design Supervisor: Expanded artistic scope and production value; supervised day-to-day operations; managed facilities, equipment, inventories and staffs for three performance spaces.



George Mason University, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Costume and Theatrical Design

The Catholic University of America Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, School of Drama, (cum laude)

University of Virginia, Collegiate Professional (Teaching) License, K-12 Theatre           



National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Costume Designers Guild

IATSE Mid-Atlantic Local #487

Costume Society of America

Washington Post Arts Grant

Woftrap Foundation for the Performing Grant

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – ArtsEdge Editor

Author/Editor - Theatre Arts Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools






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